Inspiración Científica

Divina inspiración científica,
para redactar arte tomografía,
prepárome para la critica,
y las rutinas ya cíclicas.

Reportes de trabajo,
correos y mensajes,
no se me quita lo cansado.

Me hablas para sentirme cerca,
me platicas lo que ves,
siento que estoy ahí como tu pareja,
todo se simplifica en un dos por tres.

La novia mas bonita,
que llama la atención,
volteando cabezas,
me abrazas con emoción.

Cumple Mes 31

31 es el numero de cumple mes,
tal vez todavía no lo sepa,
pero estoy enamorado de ella.

Tú , pobre corazón remendado,
¿Que cosas no habrás visto?
¿Que cosas no habrás escuchado?

Mientras aprendías a amarla,
a quererla, y a aliviar sus errores.

Ella es pequeña y frágil,
y en ti puso todo de ella,
para nadie mas, solo para ti.

Tú, hogar de este bicho raro,
que con paciencia haz trabajado,
para mantenerlo humano.

Love Letter November 1st

I know as I write this that I am the first man you have ever loved, for so you have told me. I will always wonder why you stood by me when everything seemed to go from bad to worse. But I love you for it. Because when I pushed you away you refused to believe my pointless attempts to keep you away from me. I did not know many things about myself back then, but I did know that if I let you into my heart you would have left a hole on my side I would not have been able to fill. And you did. So I had to do what I had to do, what every desperate man does when he has nothing left to lose. I clung to your memory until I had no more energy to think and fell asleep.

Now as I see your pictures and realize you will be married to me, I can not help but think back to the days I would not have you back. I feel happy and at the same time I am afraid. Because I want to be the one who makes you happy and I know that, silly and careless that I am, I will make some mistakes. But I love you, and I faithfully hope that when you see how much I really do, you do not think that I would ever do anything to hurt you.

I can only dream about the day when I open my eyes and I found out I have awakened before you have and I will see you next to me. Your things will be mixed with mine in the car, in the kitchen drawers and I will find supermarket notes in my pockets from things I did not buy because you borrowed my jacket. I am just a big dreamer that dreams of a life with you.

I know you think I do not trust you, but I do. I am entrusting you with my life, with my entire dream of having a happy family, with taking care of me, our children, our home, and possibly even a dog. So do not ever think that I do not take you into consideration. Because even though there is no paper saying that everything I own also belongs to you, I treat my things as if they already did.

I Will Always Be With You