Angel of Mine

Angel of mine,
warm hands that embrace me when lost I become,
might you be so kind to read now my rhyme?,
I promise you I will always admit my wrong.

You smile my worries silly,
and take pride on knowing me,
you always know how to give me that feeling,
and take time until reason I see.

I have loved you more than a lover,
and I figured out how to keep you around,
I write a few words like a brother,
that is how I can say that I like you out loud.

You love that man more than you muster,
I sure wish you did not have to lie,
you say he did turn into a monster,
he is now the reason to hide when you cry.

Lovely brokenhearted angel,
you let your guard down,
and romance was no more a stranger,
the time to be calm is now.

We are not right for each other,
I learned to see through deceit,
I purchased your caring power,
for your beautiful lies I kept the receipt.

Do not burn yourself with useless reproach,
you are both guilty as charged of being in love,
a partner that did what the heart dictated,
will never feel there are things undone.